Friday, March 22, 2013

My Speech For Best Buddies

     Guess who? I had such a fun time making my speech with my new friend, Stephanie. I hope you are inspired by it. :) By the way, I'll post the transcript soon. Until then, take care.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Top 15 Guilty Pleasures That I Had In My Childhood :(

Dear Transformers and Twilight fans who happen to be children,
       Most adults and older teens have this embarrassing secret that they often refuse to share with anyone else. Why? The reason is because they were once children, and they got emotionally connected with a movie. They would often love that movie, and they would watch it all the time. And when I mean loved, I mean that they obsessed over it. They loved the VHS tape or DVD of it to life. They would often claim that it was their favorite movie, and they would never get tired of it.  Every time that they watched scenes of that movie, their hearts would have a special gleam of wonder in it.
      Time passes on, and the child grows into an adult. One day, he or she finds that loved tape/DVD. Finding out that it's a movie that they enjoyed as a kid, they drop everything and watch it. They are hoping for a cinematic masterpiece that they would show to their kids. However, the movie turns out to be a piece of junk. The adult watcher gets so sickened by their past opinion that they come to loathe the wicked thing. Eventually, it becomes a guilty secret that no one must know.
        If you thought I was talking about the good family movies, go to your room and never come out!. For those movies actually stay wonderful when that child grows into adulthood, and they reveal so  much about why humans love movies. The good ones are transcending experiences that give the human spirit a leap of joy. Most importantly, the adults will find out that their great childhood favorite actually gets better the older they get. There are numerous examples of this genre that do the job well. I'm not talking about those.
     I'm talking about these guys. To help illustrate my point, here are some of the movies that I loved as a kid, but now I throw up at the sight of it. Here we go down horrid memory lane. :( Don't judge me!

#15.  Space Jam (1996)  Rotten Tomatoes Score: 35%  Notable: Ruining Looney Tunes Forever!
#14.  Scooby-Doo (2002) RT Score: 30%  Notable: Scooby-Doo Is Performing Assault! 
#13.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (1993) RT Score: 27%  Notable: Horrible Special Effects!
 #12. Barney's Great Adventure (1998) RT Score: 26% Notable: It Ruined Barney Forever! 
#11. Thumbelina (1994)  RT Score: 25%  Notable: Horrible Songs With Terrible Lyrics! 

#10.  Flubber (1997) RT Score: 23%  Notable: Flubber Should Never Dance Ever Again!

#09.  The Flintstones (1994) RT Score: 22%  Notable: The Flintstones' Big Screen Debut! :( 
#08.  Jack Frost (1998) RT Score: 20% Notable: Michael Keaton As A Snowman..... Hate! 
#07. Tom And Jerry: The Movie (1993) RT Score: 20% Notable: Tom And Jerry Talk! :(
#06.  Jingle All The Way (1996) RT Score: 17% Notable: Arnold In A Bad Christmas Movie :(
#05.  Jack (1996) RT Score: 17% Notable: Francis Ford Coppola Directed It... Just No!
#04.  Blank Check (1994) RT Score: 14% Notable: I Forgot What This Movie Was About. :( 
#03. The Pebble And The Penguin (1995) RT Score: 11% Notable: Happy Feet If It Was Scum! 
#02. Kazaam (1996) RT Score: 4% Notable: Shaq As A Rapping Genie..... Triple Hatred For It!
#01. A Kid In King Arthur's Court (1995) RT Score: 0% Notable: A Slap To Kids' Intelligence! 
The Moral: Watch Old Movies And Great Movies. Or Else, You'll Get Crap Like These! HATE! HATE! HATE! (10 minutes later) One day, you'll realize that Twilight and Transformers were awful, and you should have watched the black and white ones instead. It's not late, so check them out now for you'll have a more fun time watching them and soaking in knowledge about life and humanity.
 From Matthew.
P.S. This was a joke review because I haven't had any time to start writing on old movies. I'm so sorry for not starting on them, but in the meanwhile, I hope that you'll enjoy this. :) Ha! Ha! Revenge!