Monday, January 2, 2012

Dolphin Tale (2011) (PG) B+

We humans always loved our dolphins
         According to an old legend, when some people fell off a rainbow bridge, a goddess transformed them into dolphins before they got killed in the water. Cool. But what's even more cooler is this movies, which tells an even more impressive tale.
          "Dolphin Tale" tells the true life story of Winter, a dolphin who had to have her tail amputated in order to save her life from an accident. However, she might die from a muscle bulge from swimming without her tail. So, the entire hospital staff that's taking care of her have to save her by putting on a prothestic tail, which had never been done before.
            This movie is also about this lonely kid named Sawyer, who's worried about his cousin going into the military, and is more concerned about Winter--- whom he found--- than summer school. ( Oh, come on. I know that you would care more about animals than school.)  Soon, he starts to have a loving and caring relationship with Winter.
          Even though this movie has some cliques, like the annoying bird that somehow always appear in family movies these days, this movie is solid and makes you care about the characters in here. Plus the actors are really good. Ashely Judd ( Sawyer's mom), Harry Connick, Jr. ( the manager of the hospital), Morgan Freeman ( the man who helps with the new tail), and Nathan Gamble (Sawyer) all play convincing, yet loveable roles. Even Winter ( who's played by herself) is a great actor. The cinematography was perfect, and it reminded me of flowing water. That was cool. :)
          Despite these good things, this movie isn't perfect. There were too many subplots than the average movie, and some of them didn't even happen in real life! They include : money problems ( boring), war veterans ( oh no), school troubles ( d'oh ), and a minor storm called a hurricane. Yikes!
         Watching this "tail" reminded me of my life. When I was two, I got autism and severe gross motor problems. I couldn't walk, talk, or do anything "normal". Luckily, thanks to God and my whole entire family, I managed to get all of these priceless gifts back. Just like moi, Winter had a lot of trouble, and she was helped out by a lot of people. Thank you, Winter. :) I'll give Dolphin Tale a B+, which means see it!


  1. Great post matt! I want to see this movie now!

    1. It's a great movie, so just see it! It's worth it.