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Top 10 Worst Arthur Episodes Ever ,Part 2

Here's my top five worst episodes that Arthur have premiered on television. Enjoy!
Actually, it still is your fault that the Nostalgia Critic hates us

                      The Top Ten Worst Arthur Episodes Of All Time Continued
 #5.  I Owe You One ( 12-07) -  After learning about interest, Buster realizes that he owes his friends about a million favors, and he agrees to do them all for them. What a mess this episode turned out to be. For example, the characters teach kids about interest in a really sloppy way. Seriously!  I got so confused about interest while watching it, and it's nothing like that at all. Plus, if Buster is doing work for his friends, are they owing him money? Unfortunately , it doesn't answer it but raises another question; why does Buster always appear in the horrible ones?  I mean there's a lot of inconsistencies and boring plot lines in here that will put kids to sleep. If there weren't four more horrible ones, this would have been #1 already.
#4.  Nicked By A Name (14-03) The main reason why this episode sucks so badly is because it has no idea of what it wants to be. Does it want to be a quirky little episode about Brain giving all of his classmates new nicknames, thus giving him complete control of their lives or does it want to be another let's talk about bullying episode in which name calling hurts the soccer team? Without any sense of framing or set goals, a narrative can't fulfill the honor of telling a story as the plot will have no relevance to the viewer. Plus, Brain comes up with the most ridiculous names ever using an esoteric method from an advertising book. Don't laugh for I did the same thing in my pre-school class. Oh wait. I used my English to French dictionary to pick out nicknames for my classmates, not from an advertising book.
#3.  In My Africa (14-09)   Brian's cousin moves in from Africa, and D.W. is struggling to learn about the country. So, they decide to make a song about it! What's the point of this episode? Kids don't want another lesson in Africa, and the song doesn't make any reference to how they can help others there. Instead, it sugarcoats everything and makes Africa seems like an over educated gasbag. What a shame. This episode had so much potential but they messed it up with this silly song about Africa. Okay, the song's not as bad as others, but really we want life lessons from this show! Maybe this episode should have talked about moving problems or helping out others in Africa or getting used to one's cultural identity. Sadly, they decide to sing about Africa's wonders and deal with bullying which is a cliche in Arthur now. What a shame.
#2.  Whistling In The Wind (15-02)   Timmy Tibble is really upset because his brother can whistle while he can't. So how does he solve it? By punching the living daylights out of him so they can both get their middle tooth knocked out, involving them to whistle very badly. Whoa. Whoever thought that violence is acceptable in solving everyday problem, must be fired immediately because it really doesn't in real life. After all, they did do an episode on how to resolve conflicts peacefully. Remember? Now, they expect us to believe that revenge and violence will make you the same as him.What in the world are they they teaching kids? Maybe they should have taught to accept each other's differences. That way, they can't hurt each other, causing physical and social problems! Oh my gosh!
           The worst Arthur episode of all time is ........ Get Smart (16-04). The entire sixteenth season is just horrid to watch as there was a different company making them now. Unfortunately that same company also did Max And Ruby. Classy, guys. The sketchy animation is horrid, the "modern" storylines involving a ripoff of the I-Pad often don't work in the context of the show, the characters are unrecognizable, and the worse thing about the new season is that the creators don't care about their subject matter as they treat it if it was made for stupid little children. Even then stupid little children are smarter than what adults give them credit for. The one episode that really got under my skin and also made me give up on Arthur was Get Smart.  Oh my goodness, it's terrible. I don't know what they did to the show, but when you watch it, your childhood is officially over as one of the greatest shows ever has been brought down to levels of  unreachable stupidity that I won't ever forget as long as I live. Period. Just watch it on Youtube and you'll understand why I'm scarred for life. No, wait. Don't do it for you will be scarred for life as well. :(
       Remember the good old days when the script had life lessons that everyone could relate to, great wit, character depth, and realistic situations. Well, it's gone unless the staff goes back and re watch the classic episodes of Arthur, like Arthur's Eyes, D.W., The Picky Eater, and You Are Arthur. The reason why these episodes and hundreds like them were great was because the sophisticated and timeless themes remained relevant with its viewers even when they reached adulthood. Let's pray for Arthur's salvation from crap.

Top Ten Worst Arthur Episodes Of All Time Part 1

                 Now, I know that I'm supposed to do only movie reviews, but while I was looking up on my brand new computer, I checked out Arthur, one of my favorite T.V. shows of all time. To my surprise, PBS has decided to put some of the " Let's Talk To Some Kids" segments on its website. I felt so happy because they're finally recognizing why Arthur is a great show, and it's because of its honesty, originality, and humor. Tragically, they've been messing it up with horrible episodes, especially in the later seasons. So in honor of its 15th year, I decided to do a top ten on its worst episodes! Have fun.
Poor Arthur......

                      The Top Ten Worst Arthur Episodes Of All Time (Or In My Opinion)

 #10. Bleep (8-10)  D.W. overhears an angry teenager say a bad word in a store, causing her to investigate what that word means without getting herself into trouble. My major concern with this one isn't the messages or animation or writing, but the actual "bad words" themselves. Earlier in the episode, Arthur explains what the bleep means in television and then imagines what would happen if he had the bleep machine. So, basically all of the words that his friends are being bleeped aren't bad words, but they must be bad words for they are getting bleeped. What are you trying to teach kids? Then, after D.W. learns an actual bad word, ( censored), she says it a couple of times, and so does her friends. Oh come on, Arthur! Why can't you just use a word that's recognizable as a word that kids shouldn't say, but is okay not to be censored, like imbecile? This one made me very uncomfortable, seeing toddlers saying bad words in a kid's show. What the bleep! Sorry, I just wanted to make a point.
      # 9.Misfortune Teller ( 1 -23) In this one, Prunella's older sister, Rubella, gives a cootie catcher to her at-first snobby sister. ( She matured throughout the series.) However, all of the kids become possessed with it after some of its predictions come true. This episode seems like one that has a great message of living life, but I just found it pretty ridiculous and stupid that no one in real life would believe. Kids are smarter than adults take them for, and they know the difference between reality and fiction. Even if the predictions come true, they know better than to believe that it had something to do with it. ( Trying to have fun with guessing is the main reason why cootie catchers are still made, despite my hatred of it.) Also, I found the kids more meaner than all of the others. When Muffy tries to give Prunella her cootie catcher, the latter selfishly refuses it. What a mean jerk! Finally, there are more goofs in this episode, than in any other one. You can find them on  
#8To Eat Or Not To Eat ( 15-05) Buster is in the mood to munch down on the newest candy bar when he checks and tries to find out the ingredients in it, leading him deeper into a conspiracy. Despite its promising plot, it failed because of three reasons. 1) The mystery subplot in which Buster imagines himself as a detective from old movies. Aw come on, guys! He already is a detective! I also found it offensive since the whole sequence is in color, while most of the detective films of the olden days were filmed in black-and-white, which worked perfectly for the mood. If color was made for them, the mood would be dumb. Alas, this sequence is dumber since Buster's talking to a candy bar dressed and talking like a dame! He must be on drugs already. 2) We already know this information because most of America's shows did an investigation into ingredients. Also, we already know not to trust in ads from an earlier Arthur episode! 3) Kids don't care about the ingredients because they just want something to eat. Just look at any snack's ingredients and it's full of junk, but kids do eat it and don't mind it! Plus, Brian tells Buster that the candy includes some radioactive elements. If that was to happen, then everyone who eats it will get poisoned and die! Get some sense, Arthur!
#7.  Buster The Lounge Lizard (15-04)  Buster brings his toy into school, but since it's highly sensitive to all five senses, it somehow gets into the teacher's lounge. Then, they try to get it back, which I still don't get it. I mean why they can't just ask the teachers to search in there in the first place. This episode raises a lot of other questions. 1) How in the world did Buster's toy become highly sensitive?!?   2) If Binky only wanted to help to get his toy back, is he becoming a bully? 3) If Mr. Ratburn can give that toy back, why didn't he give back the phones, and all other toys back? After all, they were also highly sensitive! 4) If Mr. Ratburn explained that teachers are normal people in Mr. Ratburn Moves In, why do the kids still imagine them as weird beings? This show must have Alzheimer's, otherwise it would remember this piece of logic. Sadly, none of these questions are answered, and there are still lots of other questions on my mind about this stupid episode, but I will not go on my rant ,yet.
#6.   Buster's Best Behavior (4-09)  Buster wants to be someone else, and Arthur wants to be like Buster. Ironically, they get everyone really piss... I mean frustrated..... about their behaviors, so they learned to be yourself. Aw come on, you guys. We already did this throughout the entire series, and all of them are better than this poor excuse of an Arthur episode. In fact, I'm going to borrow from and give credit to Arthur Wiki. After all, you're borrowing from everything else! Take the script for example, as it gives out sparkling dialogue as this: "Wow, you guys really beat us!"  How about this:  "Wow! My really good lines are now replaced by ones that could make the writers get fired. Great one, guys." I mean, come on! You could have done something really better than that really dumb line! It also can take the place of a Lars Von Trier's film with its depressing storyline. Okay, they don't die, but I feel miserable from watching the characters suffering unfair punishments. Buster's whole entire life is dedicated to "telling jokes", while Arthur's life is summed up as "going on and on about sisters and pet dog." Wow, life is really rewarding them. Not!
       I'm coming up with the top five worst Arthur episode ever, so stay tuned!