Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Preview 2012 Part I

Tim and Moby from Brainpop are just excited to see these ba.. I mean good movies.
           Yeah! Summer's almost here! Well, at least for Hollywood. (For now.) The summer season, or the time to release big budgeted films to make millions of dollars, will begin on May 4th with The Avengers! Sadly, I'm not going to review that one for I didn't get to see the other films about superheroes. I'm guessing that they will reveal more about the heroes, which will be crucial to the plot of the movie, and I'm not going to Wikipedia to find them out. However, anything can happen for I previously had no intention to see and review The Hunger Games. ( Of course, an associate of mine came towards me, and pleaded me to go see it. Thanks a lot, guys.) Maybe one of them will beg me to review that movie. You'll just have to wait and see. Or you could comment below.
              Anyway, here's the other films that will fill up the month of May along with both my mom and my predictions. Enjoy.
 4:  The Avengers : I have no intention of seeing it for reasons above. If I do see it, I hope it's not a disappointment like most of the films last summer. However, I do like a good action flick from time to time, so maybe this one wouldn't suck. Predicted Grade: I have no idea, but I hope it's higher than B+. My mom's predicted grade: A+ (She really loves action movies.)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: This looks an inspirational British comedy drama about several British retirees going to India and changing their lifestyles. My only concern is that it might have too many characters in it that the director doesn't care how to connect them together in a story, just like Contagion last year. (Only that had people dying not thriving.) Predicted Grade: B+  My mom's predicted grade: B+
11: Dark Shadows:  To be honest, I have only seen one Tim Burton movie, and that was 2005's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. I sort of liked it, but I thought the director messed up the essential book and original movie by adding in way too dark moments to it. However, I've been trying to find time to watch his other films. Sadly, life has been unfair to me for I often forget to watch one of his other movies. (Please help!) This one looks kind of fun in its dark, twisted way with smuggled messages about family and love. However, I'm usually scared by dark films like this, and sometimes the jokes/story are too weak. But hey, it has Johnny Depp, whom I've heard that he is going to play Dr. Seuss pretty soon, so I would have to get used to him.  Predicted Grade: B- or C+. My mom's predicted grade: She has no idea, but definitely higher than C. (She thinks this is weird.)
18: Battleship: No! No! Why did Hollywood had to mess up one of the great board games ever?!? Here's how:  Just Make a movie based on a classic non weird military game, and have bloodthirsty/ unfairly portrayed racist aliens play the humans in a game of it. I'm not kidding. Predicted Grade: D for stupid dog .. wait doesn't JeremyJahns own this rating. D'oh! My mom's predicted grade: A+ (Even her common sense loves action movies.)
25: Men In Black 3: Since Hollywood is borrowing story lines from movies that have basically the same story as each other, I've decided to borrow this statement from Lights Camera Jackson, who stated that  "J goes back in time to 1969 where he meets a younger K ...and guess what? - There's another alien invasion!" This quote read my mind for I think the idea's overdone, stupid, unoriginal and simply not funny! If an alien invasion took place back then, most of the current "Earthlings" wouldn't be alive today for their parents/grandparents would be apparently dead!Holy cow! Predicted Grade:  D+. Sorry, Will Smith, but if this preview is right, I might have to cry. My mom's predicted grade: No intention of seeing it at all, but probably from her look on her face when she saw the trailer, a C-.
25: Moonrise Kingdom: Finally an independent film that I hope doesn't suck like these other previous two. Here's a funny film which has an original plot, great acting, fantastic music, impressionistic cinematography, and it happens to be directed by Wes Anderson, whom I've never seen a movie of his. I'm not kidding, and just like Tim Burton, I always do not have enough time to watch any of his movies. But, here's my chance to see one up close! Predicted Grade: A- My mom's predicted grade: B
           The last movie I previewed seems to be evidence for Christy Lemire's opinion that modern Hollywood is falling flat on its face with its movies, while non-Hollywood features are becoming better and more memorable as the years go by. Case in point: I'm so excited to see two films being released here in May. One is First Position , which is a documentary about this ballet contest that is super important to the young people attending it. The other is The Intouchables. No, it has nothing to do with the Brian De Palma film. Instead, it's about this loving relationship between this really sick man and his caretaker. These movies' trailers are just stunning to watch that they are masterpieces. So far.