Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My opnions on the Oscars!

Last night, I prayed that the Oscars didn't suck like last time, which was painful to watch, except for the winners. Luckily, Hollywood learned its lesson for it did an entertaining look at why the movies are so important, while giving out some great wins.
The feel of the entire show was magical, as everyone pulled it off with wit, charm, and finally great presenters and hosting. Last year, I thought I would look at the show in shame, for the hosts,(Anne and James), really sucked. However, Billy ruled the night and restored my hopes. He's the perfect host. He can act,dance,sing,and make the audience laugh and cry @ the same time. Though the music destroyed his opening tribute to the nominees, his grace saved the day.
Just as the host improved greatly, so did the presenters. In fact, everything improved. (Except for the microphones.) From the interviews on how to make a great film to the circus performance, and even the brief cameos of the dog and the Muppet reminded me of the good old days, when we actually cared about the Oscars. (Even though I saw those on YouTube.)
I was also happy for the winners, even though I was pretty pissed off that I lost to my brother's girlfriend. (I got 13 right, while she got 15 right.) Here's my thoughts on the winners:
Best Score: Even though I'm happy for The Artist, I do have to point out that it uses a lot of Vertigo in there. I remembered that last year that they prevented True Grit from entering in because it had used some old hymns. If The Artist can win even if it uses Vertigo for nearly 1/3 of the score, why can't True Grit at least got a nomination?
Best Song: I'm very happy about The Muppets winning.
Best Original Screenplay: I'm very happy about Woody Allen winning for the awesome adaptation of Midnight In Paris.
Best Adapted Screenplay: Roger Ebert's smarter than me, for I picked Moneyball instead of The Descendants.
Best Foreign Film: I'm very happy about A Separation, so now i can see it.
Best Visual Effects: Don't be pushy with me. Even though The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes looks great, Hugo's effects were stupendous, as it gathered four other awards in the visuals department.
Best Documentary: I have no idea why Buck wasn't nominated, but I still got it wrong when The Undefeated won.
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer won as everyone predicted, so he finally got one, and everyone used him like a free space. So, it was a win-win for everyone. Yay!
Best Supporting Actress: Octavia, you rock! Your scene stealing performance in The Help got you an Oscar! :)
Best Animated Film: Rango won, which adds to the growing list of why I should see it. Oh why haven't I checked this one out!?!
Best Director: Michel's brilliant direction amazingly won over the Academy as they gave him his first Academy Award. What a great award for a great movie. Hint. Hint.
Best Actress: This was the biggest surprise as I excepted Viola Davis to win, but was I surprised to learn that Meryl Streep won for The Iron Lady. Even though I'm happy that she doesn't have to sit through another show without winning, I'm really upset that Viola didn't get her deserved award. :(
Best Actor: Even though I was tragically devastated about Viola not winning, I was thrilled about when Jean won Best Actor, becoming the first French actor to win Best Actor, and he deserved it, my bon amis. (I think that's how you say good friends. I think. Never mind, let me just write my good friends.)
Best Picture: 2011 was a great year for movies, except for the ones that sucked. However, most of the nine Best Picture nominees were great. ( Okay, I've seen only seven, but give me a break.) However, there must be only one winner, and the winner is Winnie The Pooh! Just kidding. It was The Artist, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. Have a good day, but did you know that The Artist is the first silent film to win Best Picture since the 1st ceremony began. Congrats to all of the winners. :)

P.S.  I am still grieving about my loss , but at least  I did get one of the short films right! Yes! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Oscars Predictions

Hi there! I'm so sorry that you haven't heard from me since my last review, but things have been really busy this past month. But luckily, tonight's the night to learn which films will be taking the gold. That's right. Tonight's the Oscars! It will be on ABC @ 7pm for the red carpet and all. ( Sorry, ONCE UPON A TIME fans, but it will not be on tonight on ABC.)
Enough of me chattering. Here's my predictions on who will win the Oscars.
Best Picture: The Artist. Just because it's a great movie. Period.
Best Actor: Let's just wait a second. Still stuck between Clooney and Jean.
Best Actress: Viola Davis for her brilliant performance in the Help.
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer's is the shoe in for this, but it could be an upset if Jonah Hill wins.
Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer for The Help. The reason is because she's just awesome as Minnie.
Best Director: I have to say sorry to Martin Scorese. Even though you won Best Director @ the Golden Globes, Michel Hazanavicius for his masterpiece, The Artist, will win. Sorry, but I did enjoy your film, Hugo.
Best Actor: Finally, I've come up with one. The winner will be Jean because he's awesome. However, I will not be surprised if George wins.
Note: I will write my reviews for the rest of the nominees this week. :)