Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Memorial To Roger Ebert

         The world has lost a great artist today. An hour ago, CNN reported that famed film critic Roger Ebert died from cancer at age 70. Yes, that Roger Ebert. He was my personal role model. I remember being a passionate fan of his television show, Roger Ebert Presents At The Movies, and I will always remember reading his beloved reviews and books. In a sense, he was the critic that I always looked up to. In fact, nearly every critic has stolen from Roger Ebert as he was one of the greatest,if not the greatest film critic ever. He also inspired not only me , but a lot of people. Why? He sadly lost his voice due to that pesky disease called cancer several years ago. However, he temporarily went back on the job, reviewing movies for The Chicago Sun Times. Seeing him keep doing the career that he deeply loved despite all that suffering made me realize that humanity will always overcome hardship to achieve the impossible. I sympathize with his family, especially the magnificent Chaz Ebert, as I tearfully let The Nostalgia Critic remember the glory days of his successful run with Gene Siskel from 1975-1999.
    WARNING: If you don't like foul language or offensive humor, please note that I'm not an advocate for those things. Also, I do not own this video as it rightfully belongs to Doug Walker, the creator of the character known as the Nostalgia Critic. (Yes, he was too influenced by Roger's work.) 15 minutes of crying later...
Now, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert will be hopefully reviewing movies in heaven. May God be with their families and their souls. With that said, good night. :(

                              ROGER EBERT 1942-2013 

We Love You, Roger. Thank you for your passion of film. See ya, later.