Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Oscars Predictions

Hi there! I'm so sorry that you haven't heard from me since my last review, but things have been really busy this past month. But luckily, tonight's the night to learn which films will be taking the gold. That's right. Tonight's the Oscars! It will be on ABC @ 7pm for the red carpet and all. ( Sorry, ONCE UPON A TIME fans, but it will not be on tonight on ABC.)
Enough of me chattering. Here's my predictions on who will win the Oscars.
Best Picture: The Artist. Just because it's a great movie. Period.
Best Actor: Let's just wait a second. Still stuck between Clooney and Jean.
Best Actress: Viola Davis for her brilliant performance in the Help.
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer's is the shoe in for this, but it could be an upset if Jonah Hill wins.
Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer for The Help. The reason is because she's just awesome as Minnie.
Best Director: I have to say sorry to Martin Scorese. Even though you won Best Director @ the Golden Globes, Michel Hazanavicius for his masterpiece, The Artist, will win. Sorry, but I did enjoy your film, Hugo.
Best Actor: Finally, I've come up with one. The winner will be Jean because he's awesome. However, I will not be surprised if George wins.
Note: I will write my reviews for the rest of the nominees this week. :)

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