Saturday, January 7, 2012

Buck (2011) PG A-

A Great Man And A Lot Of Other Horses
            Heroism isn't just people doing the right things. It's about people (or animals) sacrificing to help someone out, even though bad things may have  happened in the hero's life. Buck tells a story about one of those heroes that we love to talk about and listen to.
           In this inspiring documentary, Buck Brannaman ( better known as "The Horse Whisperer) is explored with great honesty and hope, as his father abused him and his brother when they were just kids. After his harsh childhood, he started to start his clinics which helps a lot of troubled horses and their owners. We also get to see how Buck lives out his lonely life, traveling all over the country to present his clinics, in which he overcame his shyness to do so.
            What struck me most in this movie was how horrifying his childhood was. However, he managed to help out so many people, by just doing the things that he wished his dad had done to him: being kind. He has helped so many people and horses that you know the reason why he's called a genuis.
         Buck also has his own philosophy in which you should treat horses as you would treat yourself or anyone else.  For example,  when a deeply troubled/ psychotic horse refuses to treat his owners with respect, even though Buck just taught him respect, his owners decide to take the horse back and put it to sleep. However, as Buck is leading his horse back to the trailer, he doesn't whip or treat the horse like it's worthless. He instead treats it with a firm but gentle hand. This scene shows us that Buck still is a man who wants to help others, even though they've done bad things to others.
          Though this movie's chronological order was out of place and it's pacing was slow, Buck's good character--- no wait, let's say awesome character---  kept me loving his personality. Thank you, for helping us all understand that you should always help out others.
          I'm going to give an A-, which is a tribute to a real hero.

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