Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar Reactions!

                  The little golden guy seems to really love old fashioned films, as Hugo led the race with 11 nominations. The Artist came in close second with 10. I'm so happy that they have so many chances of winning. Yet, I was still upset and confused at some things.  Here's my other reactions:
     Steven Spielberg directed two essentials this year, War Horse , and The Adventures Of Tintin. However, he got snubbed when he didn't get a nod for Best Director. :( 
      The Best Animated Film category officially said goodbye to Disney and Pixar this year, when Winnie The Pooh, and Cars 2 weren't nominated, even though the two films were very good family films. In fact, I treated my baby cousins to see Winnie The Pooh, and we both loved it. At least, Disney has War Horse and The Help to fall back on. 
      Why in the world are there only 2 songs in Best Original Song Category!?! Was the Academy even listening to the song fulled movies, or were they listening to The Voice? They were probably listening to the t.v. show because they had 39 potential choices for getting nominated, and only 2 got picked. 
         Most critics, (including me), loved the great documentaries Buck and Project Nim. Ironically, the Academy members must not have seen those for they didn't get even nominated for Best Documentary Feature. Oh well. At least, they get to join Hoop Dreams, The Thin Blue Line, The Interrupters, Roger & Me, Touching The Void, Fahrenheit 9/11, The Hindenburg Newsreel Footage, These Amazing Shadows, Waiting For Superman, and Crumb on the list of great documentaries that were ignored by the Oscar. 
            The Best Acting awards seems to hate Leonardo Dicaprio, Micheal Fassbinder, Tilda Swinton, Andy Serkis, Charlize Theron, Albert Brooks, Ryan Gosling, Micheal Shannon, and Seth Rogan as they didn't get deserved nominations. Maybe, they can form the "Snub Club" in honor of today. 
   Surprises ( Both Good And Bad):
    I was delighted to see The Help, War Horse, Midnight In Paris, The Artist, and Moneyball all get nominated for Best Picture, for I have seen and loved those. I was equally delighted that Hugo, The Descendants, and The Tree Of Life were also there, since I now have another reason to my ever going list of why I should see them. The biggest surprise is that Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close got nominated, even though Rotten Tomatoes has a rating of 48% from critics. However, I haven't seen it, so I will probably check it out.
       I was very happy that the Academy decided to nominate obscure and hard-to-find films in the category of Best Animated Feature. In fact, two of them I've never heard of were nominated. They were Chico & Rita and Cat In Paris, which means that I will probably review them.
      A Separation from Iran was nominated for Best Foreign Film, which excited me because some of my brother-in-law's family came from Iran, which gives me a different perspective. I will  also probably have to find it now and review it.
        Though I loved most of the nominations, (like Demain Bichir for A Better Life and Meryl Streep's 17th nomination for The Iron Lady), I was annoyed at one of my least favorite films getting nominated, and that is Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. It's just too loud, too cynical, and it's too destructive for a movie to even exist! And I've seen it all in the trailers, for I will never see this terrible film. Don't worry for Melissa Mccrathy, Puss In Boots and Harry Potter will get revenge, because they are nominated, and a lot of people just love them so much.
          For the upcoming weeks, I will do a review for most of the nominees, except for Bridesmaids, which I saw and was asked not to review it. :(  Thankfully, I will do a review for the Best Picture nominees. Enjoy as you wait to see the ceremony on Feb. 26th on ABC. :)


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