Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My rules to "365 Days Of Movies"

Since you hopefully have seen two of my reviews so far, I decided to post the rules or what to expect when I do my 365 days of movies.
       #1. I can break anyone of these rules, but I have to tell you what I'm breaking.
        #2.  I cannot review any of the movies that I had seen prior to reviewing. Dolphin Tale and Forks Over Knives were ones I hadn't seen at all, so they were acceptable. However, I can break this one without telling you. :)
        #3. I can write my review one day after the day I see the movie.
        #4.    I must get my homework done first before I can watch a movie or write a review.
         #5.    I can't write bad words!
        #6.     I can review a movie from any time period, so don't be surprised when I review two movies from 2011, and then comes up a review of a movie from 1924. Hint, hint.
         #7. You can recommend movies to me, but I can refuse one until further notice.
         #8. I can't write reviews of T.V. shows. So, bye-bye Murder ,She Wrote, Once Upon A Time, Lost, The Twilight Zone, Seasame Street, Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune, Arthur etc.
      #9.   I have to give credit to whom I'm borrowing the quotes from. I can never break this one.
       #10. This is not  a review of what's playing in theaters, yet.
        #11. You must bring me ice cream on my b-day. :)
         #12.   I can get rid any rule I make up, like I just did with #11.
          #13. I must do a top ten for movies that were made this year, made years before that I saw this year, and the worst ever.
         That's my rules. Have fun.

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  1. Haha I like these rules cant wait to see what you come up with matt !