Friday, January 6, 2012

Contagion PG-13 (2011) B-

Spoiler: Wash Your Hands!
                Note to users: After seeing Contagion, make sure that you wash your hands with a lot of soap and water,for you will never take touching a less serious thing ever again.  The reason is that this movie is about a virus that can kill you and many movie stars! :0
              After visting Hong Kong for a business trip, Beth (Gwyneth Paltrow) goes home and unexceptedly spreads a very deadly/contagious virus all around the world, thus killing her and 26 million others.  (Sorry fo the spoiler alert, but I had to do it, because that happens from the first moment of Contagion.) Anyway, this film centers its attention on a world that panics and decays as scientists tries to get a vaccine.
              Contagion works in the old fashioned style of the very popular disaster movies ,( Earthquake, The Towering Inferno), by telling the tales of a lot of people who are stuck in this situation, and seem to be played by famous stars. Matt Damon plays the husband of Beth, and he changes from a carefree man to a scared father. Kate Winslet plays a doctor who investigates the virus, Laurence Fishborne plays an officer who tries to keep the public calm, Jude Law plays a freelance reporter who tries to panic the public, and both Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Ehle play scientists who try to prevent the disease from spreading. Along with director Stephen Soderbergh's masterful direction, the cast is superb and very believable that you want to congradulate  them. Oh wait, they are in a pandemic movie. :(
                This film also presents a very compelling and accurate prediction of what would happen if a Black Death type happened in our modern, connected society. That makes it even more creepier, which is what Soderbergh wants us to do. Well done. I also liked the way that certain characters try to help out others in a collasping world. For example, before one of the main characters dies, she gives out her coat to a fellow victim, so he can have extra blankets.
              Despite the good, this movie manages to cough up some bad moments. It was really thrilling at the beginning, but in the middle, it got very boring and slow. Thus, it wasn't very thrilling or scary. That mistake is almost a death threat, because we the audience don't want to get uninterested or we'll leave the theater! Another probelm was that Contagion seemed to be missing important parts, which we will never knew what happened. For example, when one character finds out that a certain stricken village has been given a fake medicine, she rushes out from the airport to try to save them. Before we find out what happens, the movie switches other to another scene! Come on, Soderbergh! We knew that you got to tell us what happened to her!
            The ending was really amazing, as it shows how the virus got onto poor Beth. In fact, this whole movie tells us a very important lesson--- be careful what you do, or dreadful consquences will happen. Contagion tells us that when we touch, we're spreading germs, which made the film an even more threatening and important film to watch.
           Contagion gets a B-, which means that one day, as more and more people get freaked out by it, health classes will be showing this unique warning.

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