Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shout-Out! January 15th

       I've got a lot of very important news. 1) My reviews for January 8th to January 16th will be posted this week, 2) Most of the people who voted on my blog would have given the top dramatic award to War Horse. Yes, it was an excellent film, and we all knew who would win the top comedic award; The Artist. However, congratulations to the 12% of voters , (or the one) who correctly picked The Descendants as the winner. Your prize is this shout out! :) Finally, for my reviews, I'm changing it from movies in 2011, to have this moth have a special theme. This month, while I'm doing my regular reviews, I'll do some special ones for movies that do with the theme of movie's best firend, classic books and the law! Have fun!

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